• Everyday is new and exciting for Peggy Elliott. As a revolutionary thinker and transformational expert, she operates in the office of Apostle and Prophet. Elliott is uniquely used by God to equip and empower men and women, as they learn to walk and minister within their purpose, calling and office.

    As an entrepreneur with over forty years of experience in both the corporate world and the church, she is more than qualified to enrich and empower business and church leaders, assisting them in accomplishing bottom line profit objectives in the marketplace and in developing more effective church and leadership teams.

    The overall goal of Dr. Peggy Elliott is to see men and women walking in and with purpose. Are you accomplishing what you were created to accomplish? What season of your destiny are you in?

  • Prayer, healing and deliverance are the flagship ministries of Peggy Elliott Ministries, Inc. With more than four decades as a Deliverance Minister, Elliott is called upon to train and equip deliverance teams as well as minister deliverance to individuals and families.

    As a Freedom Coach, Elliott assists clients in determining what life areas have kept you bound and what skills you need to acquire that will thrust you into experiencing true freedom.

    As a church leader, are you feeling the nudge to learn more about becoming an Apostolic Center, a center that operates in the five-fold ministry? We are living in the end times. We must begin to transform, raise up and operate as end time Apostolic Centers. Who is the Apostle of the House? The Prophet? The Pastor? The Evangelist? The Teacher?

    Now is the time for transformations!